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You have brought lot of common sense for the common man

- K V Narayanan, Vice President, Tata Consultancy Services

A must read book for all. Comprehensive,yet simple and practical. It will transform,motivate, inspire and help achieve financial independence. This will be my preferred gift to those I care for.
- Maj Gen(Retd) Nikhil Kumar

Extremely outstanding. We need young authors like you to inspire the next generation to pursue their dreams after having taken care of the financial aspects of their lives.
- Kamal Arora, Director, Navdeep Publications

This book shows how an ordinary man with dreams can achieve extraordinary results through financial freedom.
- Stephanie Padgett Middlebrooks, Walmart Inc, USA

Author has shared some of the most meaningful life experiences and has unfolded various financial tools in a step by step method to explain a complex and most sought after subject called Financial Freedom.
- Ashok Monga, JGM & Head - CSR, Larsen & Toubro Ltd.

Truly, a great tool to achieve financial freedom.
- Raghavendra, Branch Head & Manager, Karnataka Bank.

Most of the limiting factors to our financial success exist in the walls we all have built up in our own minds, and achieving success lies in knocking down those walls. Manoj has beautifully converted this idea into the book which is easy to understand and you can walk yourself through in order to find the source of those fears, root them out, and remove them from your life.
- Sandeep Sehgal, Founder, Director and CEO, Pallas Athena Consulting Pvt Ltd.

Manoj Arora has shown that, with discipline and dream, anyone can achieve financial freedom and go on to pursue one's true calling in life.
- R N Sehgal, Vice President, DAV College Mngmt Committee.

The information shared in this book is very crisp, easy to understand and to the point. I am sure anyone who will use the information shared here in his or her personal life can break the rut of life. A marvelous book.. a must read for everyone who wants to gain information about financial freedom.
- Nishant Maitre, Director, Swift Power Solution Pvt. Ltd., New Delhi

This book extremely timely in the economic times we live in today. People are aware that they should save, but they are not informed on the most efficient and productive methods. This book fills that gap in knowledge, and is well suited for anyone who wishes to learn to invest or improve investment and savings portfolios. The authorís anecdotes and friendly style of writing is enjoyable reading and encourages sound investment practices.
- Saras Nair, Associate Prof of Biomedicine, University of Texas, USA

I have read many financial books and articles by reputable American authors and advisors in over 20 years of investing. This book is truly unique in that it gets a busy working person moving to take charge of one's financial destiny. There is nothing more empowering than that.
- Raj, Arizona, USA

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