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About Trees [Top Of Page]
We do not just plant trees. We nurture them, and care for them, till they are self sustaining. We track every single tree along with its donor, care taker(volunteer), location, on the ground pictures and anything else that you may want to know - keeping the entire system lively and transparent.
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Varities [Top Of Page]
The location primarily decides the tree variety that we plant. From medicinal and shade giving trees like Neem to flowery trees like Gulmohar and Amaltas to fruit bearing trees like Mango and Jamun - you will find all of them being planted across the length and breadth of this country.
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Tree Locations [Top Of Page]
Each location is managed by one or more volunteers depending upon the number of trees planted. From Delhi to Andhra Pradesh, we are located in multiple cities and states across India
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Volunteers [Top Of Page]
Anyone can volunteer for this great cause. If you can spend 30 min a week and have an interest towards working for our environment, you can apply for a volunteer.
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Donations [Top Of Page]
Dont have time to volunteer or lead with Kalpavriksha? You can still play a crucial role in making the world around you better. Donate as little or as much as you wish. Your contributions help us buy trees, get them fenced and care for them.
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Leaders [Top Of Page]
A Leader manages everything for his or her area, including locations, volunteers, funds and everything else. A Leader is running a mini NGO with Kalpavriksha. So, if you can spare 2-3 hours a week and are passionate about trees, confident of taking your decisions, and running your own mini organisation, then you are at the right place.
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Account Book [Top Of Page]
We are committed to 100% transparency in our organisation. Every Account Entry, whether it is donations or expenditures, is therefore made public in our Account Book.
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Roles With Us [Top Of Page]
You can get associated with us and play different roles, based on your time availability, interest and passion towards the society.
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