How much does a Tree Cost?
Each tree (with protection fencing and 2 year care) costs an average of INR 500.

What is the breakup of INR 500?
Tree : INR 100 (average cost)
Fencing : INR 160 (cane and plastic mesh fencing)
Care and Watering for 2 years : INR 240 (assuming we get volunteers for almost half the trees)

Will the Trees be tagged to my name?
If you want to "own" one or more trees, and get them tagged in your name, then you are requested to donate in multiples of INR 500. Otherwise, you can donate any amount starting INR 10.

Can I track my donation?
Yes, we are 100% transparent on funding and donations. Each donation appears in our public AccountiBookwithin 24 hours. You would also see your name in AlliDonors section. You can also see your tagged trees and their real pictures after logging into the website.

Donate for a great cause of improving the air quality that our children will breathe !
Use any of the following modes for Donation:

Bank Transfer Transfer your donation to our Bank Account with the following details:
Bank Account No. 007101022399
Bank : ICICI Bank
Branch : Green Park Extn, New Delhi
Account Type : Saving
Account Holder Name : Manoj Arora
NEFT / IFSC / RTGS Code : ICIC0000071
PayTM Transfer your donation to our PayTM Account with the following details:
PayTM Mobile number : +919871133619
UPI Transfer your donation to our UPI Account with the following details:
UPI Address : elevate-your-life@icici

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